Web Vulnerability Scan

A brief study on scanning our one of our client's web application for security vulnerabilities.


Our client operates in the health industry in North America and provides their core services through a web application.


Our client wanted an unauthenticated vulnerability scan of their web application which is accessible to everyone online.

  • The scan must be scalable.

  • The scan must not lead to downtime.

  • The scan should highlight findings and provide a risk based report.

  • Solution

    G5 Cyber Security executed a remote web vulnerability scan which identified security vulnerabilities in the client's web application.

  • The client received a report of security vulnerabilities in their web application.

  • Al findings in the report were validated to eliminate false positives.

  • The report included findings suitable for both the senior management level (high-level) and technical level (low-level).There was no downtime.

  • There was no downtime.

  • Our scanner efficiently scanned all accessible web pages.

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