Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Implement a Data Protection Officer (DPO) with a lower cost by outsourcing the role to us.

DPO by law, even better by choice.

Receive tailored guidance and support on daily data protection and privacy compliance issues.

We provide businesses with DPO services to comply with legal responsibilities and to ensure data protection compliance is responsibly monitored within the business.


Value highlights

Why this service matters.

Flexible and clear advice

Obtain clear and flexible advice on difficult concepts, scenarios and areas as they arise.

Experienced professionals

Our experienced data protection officers understand the balance between compliance and business activities.

Extended team member

Our data protection officers are extended team members; supporting with daily privacy and compliance issues.

Key benefits

Here's why this service will benefit your business operations.


Monitor compliance with privacy and data protection obligations with the appointment of a data protection officer.

Generate frequent adequacy reports on compliance journey.

Deliver and maintain consistent training on data protection and privacy topics.

Respond to subject access requests and other data subject requests.


Demonstrate accountability with data protection and privacy obligations.

Develop a culture where transparency and trust regarding data protection and privacy are paramount.

Establish a dedicated point of contact for employees, customers and regulators to communicate with.

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Each month we analyse over 18,000 Caribbean domains to provide usage statistics on HTTPS and Security Headers.

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